Study Abroad for a Culinary Education Experience

There is truly no better way to learn about international cuisines than studying overseas. The love of food is shared worldwide, and each country has a unique culture and history that has been passed down for centuries. Let an Italian teach you how to prepare ravioli from scratch, or practice your sushi rolling skills with the Japanese.

Food for Thought

Studying overseas is also a great way to learn different languages, see new sights, and explore the culinary world…but at a high cost. Some countries may be more expensive than others, and tuition costs could be tripled. Other countries may have various visa and admission requirements which could take months to complete. You also have to factor in the cost of flights and travel insurance. Depending on which country you choose, programs may only be taught in a different language, so it is important to do the proper research before packing your bags.

Studying Online

In the dawn of the 21st century, students can now study at an international school without leaving their country. Students are able to interact with teachers via webcams, and some offer video lectures and tutorials which are available online.

International Culinary Hotspots

The Story Bridge in Brisbane.
If you’re looking for a culinary education Down Under, there are a variety of different online and on-campus programs available. But hold on to your Dundee hat if you think the process will be easy. Future Australia culinary students must apply for a visa several months in advance, and will more than likely be interviewed. Some culinary schools require students to complete an introductory test before getting accepted into a program.


There’s more to this country’s culinary history than moose meat and beaver tails. The Canadian food culture is a multicultural mix of countries from all over the world, just like its citizens. International students choose to study in Canada because it is cheap and flexible with admission requirements. Canada offers a large number of both online and campus-based programs, and students are required to have a GED or high-school diploma. It is important to note that the educational system in Canada is unique because all the schools are licensed by local education boards.


It is an internationally-known fact that the French are the pioneers of fine dining. Hungry tourists and future chefs from all over the world flock to France because of its culinary reputation. There are a variety of culinary programs and schools available, but the best are typically located in its capital city, Paris. Classes are taught in French, so if you are not familiar with the language you will have to enrol in a French language course.


It makes sense that food nerds wanting to study abroad pick Italy as their country of choice. Besides being the masters of various pasta creations, Italians were also the creators of pizza and gelato ice cream. It is important to know the unique Italian regions and customs, as culinary schools tend to have a specific regional focus, (such as Tuscan or Venetian cuisine).

Delicious Ramen.
Whether you’re obsessed with Japanese anime, or you simply want to show off your sushi rolling skills, Japan is becoming a more and more popular country of choice for culinary students wanting to study overseas. Studying and living in Japan can be extremely expensive compared to other countries, so if you don’t want to invest in a culinary school, you could also enrol in an online program. In order to study in Japan, students must also apply for a visa, which can take months to complete.


Don’t let a language barrier get in the way of your food studies. More culinary students from around the world choose London because its schools offer programs with specific topics. Due to the fact that London is such a popular, booming city, tuition costs are more expensive. However, because of London’s admirable reputation, culinary school graduates could earn a successful career on a national or international level.


Studying in Spain could be a great way to spice up your culinary knowledge while training for your career. Because Spain is influenced by a variety of different cultures, Spanish culinary schools also educate students in Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine. Similar to American cooking classes, programs are taught in English; however some schools may offer Spanish classes. Although the majority of Spain’s culinary schools are in the Barcelona area, there are also a variety of online programs available.

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