Instructions on How to Become a Pastry Chef


Earning a career in the pastry arts won’t happen overnight. Nearly every pastry chef has had prior work experience, or was trained under the supervision of a professional pastry chef. Pastry chefs with no training may find it difficult to understand the use of temperature and plate presentation, and should be comfortable working with all types of kitchen equipment.


Regardless of the level or type of degree, coursework in pastry arts programs usually focuses on measurements, temperatures, ingredients, and presentation. Some programs may teach student management skills, while others may focus on international terminologies, math, or food science. Higher-level degrees may have some liberal arts courses included in the curriculum.

Cinnamon Roll.

Skills Acquired

Spending hours styling various types of desserts requires a lot of patience. All successful pastry chefs must be comfortable with multi-tasking, and they must always pay close attention to detail. They may also have to create sauces, fillings, jellies, frostings, and icings from scratch.


A pastry chef usually arrives hours before a business opens in order to properly prepare menu items. They may also be responsible for ordering food, or creating new and unique desserts that could be a signature item for the company. Pastry chefs usually work on multiple plates at the same time, and may have to train and supervise other employees. An assistant chef may be assigned to various cleaning duties.


Besides having the creative freedom to create and style your own menu items, a career in the pastry arts is always high in-demand with room for promotion. Depending on the company size and its annual sales, pastry chefs could get paid vacation and sick leave. They may also get annual or holiday bonuses – if the free, delicious desserts aren’t bonus enough.

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  1. christaben Says:

    i would love to be part of this programme

  2. Crystal Says:

    I want to go into the culinary field and become a pastry chef. I want to do what I love, but my parents think it’s not a good enough profession for a girl. What’s wrong with that? I told them all the benefits and salary, but they said it would be an embarrassment to them if I did it. Should I still go for my hobby, or do something I don’t want to? Can anyone help please???

  3. zach long Says:

    how much is the average pastry chef paid per year?

  4. Maria Says:

    Hi, i m 38 years old lady who could like to become a pastry chef, but i dont have information about it. May you please email me more information about training, duration of training, partime or full time, the fees and ect, Regards Maria

  5. Rose Ingle Says:

    I want to get my pastery chef degree I watch a lot of cake show and work that they do is wounded I’ve always wanted to come a chef

  6. can i become bakery chief ? I complete diploma in bakery and confectionery.can anyone help about that type of idea.. Says:

    i also of luck…

  7. Olivia Epperson Says:

    How long does it take to graduate from culinary school on average?

  8. Anne Grascoeur Says:


    I am a recruiter for Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Traverse City, MI.
    We are actively seeking professionals to work in our bakery, and was wondering what school you would recommend me to contact to reach out to alumni ?


  9. Zanele Says:

    What are qualifications needed in coming a pastry chef?

  10. Hailey Says:

    Are there any special training to become a Pastry Chef??

  11. zandile Says:

    i will love to be come a pasrtyc chef.the is a school in east london but i dont know where is it,i doing level 3 in bcc education and development but my caree is on cooking not in this plz help me,i spent 8years in many cooking.

  12. rutuja wardole Says:

    Actually i am studying engineering right now but thinking to switch my field after i get mt bachlors degree. How do i get started for becoming a pastry chef?

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