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Seattle is the cultural center of the Northwest. In addition to three professional sports teams, a symphony orchestra, a ballet company, and art museums, the city boasts of a robust culinary tradition. Two of the nation’s premier culinary schools have a campus in the city. For anyone wanting to enter the exciting world of food preparation and services, Seattle offers quality education choices.

Available Degrees

Quality cooking schools in the city offer diplomas and certificates for the beginning chef. Community colleges add associate’s degrees in food preparation and culinary arts, and students who want to move into hospitality services management can find a bachelor’s degree program in the city.
Online cultural arts options also include bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management and restaurant management for those in the field who want to move from the kitchen to the office.
Seattle Skyline with Mount Rainier.

The Right School for You

Finding the right job after graduation begins with finding the right educational program with a curriculum that leads to that job. The first step is to set a specific career goal. The community college route is less expensive and affords a good, basic education for entry-level food service workers. More than half of the executive chefs built their careers on an associate’s degree. Since the heart and soul of culinary arts is food preparation, look for programs with state-of-the-art kitchen facilities. The teaching staff should have both academic credentials and solid experience in the field. Instructors who have good contacts and are well respected in the local culinary community will help you open employment doors after graduation. Another great help in getting your name known is a solid externship or apprenticeship program that puts students in local restaurants.

Job Market

In the Seattle area entry-level line cooks should expect to make $23,000 to $30,000 per year. The professional progression can include sous chef, an assistant executive chef position, which commands a $37,000 to $59,000 salary. Executive chefs in the area bring home $66,000 to $101,000. The job market in Seattle for culinary arts is expected to be good especially for entry-level jobs. Families spend 50 percent of the food dollar eating out. With that trend, restaurants should continue to employ quality people. The upper end, executive chef and regional chef, positions will continue to be competitive. Restaurants employ 65 percent of the culinary arts workers. Other venues include hotels, spas, cruise ships, and individuals who hire personal chefs. Education opens the employment door; hard work, dedication, creativity, and leadership lead to the top positions in the profession.

On Campus Programs in Seattle

Seattle Community College, South Campus
6000 16th Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98106
Hospitality Management, BS
Baker/pastry chef, Certificate, AA
Culinary Arts/Chef Training, Certificate, AA
Catering and Banquet Operations, Certificate, AA
NCCU Accredited

Seattle Community College, Central Campus
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
Cultural Arts/Chef Training, AA
Baker/Pastry Chef, Certificate
ACFEI & NCCU Accredited

Seattle Community College, North Campus
9600 College Way N
Seattle, WA 98103
Basic Food Employment Training
NCCU Accrediting

Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Avenue W
Seattle. WA 98116
Food and Nutrition Studies
NCCU Accredited

The International Culinary School at the Art Institute
2323 Elliot Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Baking and Pastry, Diploma, AA
Culinary Arts, AA, BS
The art of Cooking, Diploma
NCCU & ACACF Accredited

Le Cordon Bleu—Seattle
360 Corporate Drive North
Tukwila, WA 98188
Culinary Arts, Diploma
Baking and Pastry, Certificate

Online Culinary Arts Learning

The Art Institute Online
Culinary Management
Hotel and Restaurant Management
MSCH Accredited

University of Phoenix Online
Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management
NCACS Accredited

Stratford University Online
Hotel and restaurant Management
Hospitality Management
ACICS Accredited

Sullivan University
Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management

Ashworth College online
Hospitality and Restaurant Management
Gourmet Cooking and Catering
DETC, SACS & CASI Accredited

Le Cordon Bleu-online
Culinary Management
ACCSCT Accredited

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