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Why a Certificate?

Certificates are generally a quicker and cheaper option for those wanting to get a culinary education in a specific field. Many certificates can be used to support a higher-level of degree, and some programs may offer externships in order to ensure immediate employment.

How Long Does It Take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a certificate varies depending on which institution and program you choose. Some certificates may take approximately 30 weeks to complete. The American Culinary Federation, on the other hand, offers programs which consist of two exams, and can take between one to five days to complete. They also offer online certification programs at, which allow students to complete courses at their own pace. ServSafe offers popular food handling, management & responsible alcohol safety training programs.

Certificate of Completion.

Baking and Pastry Certificate

This certification program teaches students how to become a successful baker or pastry chef. Students will learn about sanitation and food production, as well as how to prepare different types of desserts and baked goods using chocolate, confections, and sugar.

Commercial Cooking Certificate

Students of this program learn about the different types of cooking methods and kitchen equipment, as well as culinary terminologies and mathematical formulas. Some programs may educate the students on food writing and reviewing, while others will have more of a focus on tourism and hospitality.

Food and Beverage Management Certificate

For this program, students will learn how to hire, train, and supervise staff. Accounting, purchasing, and various other related management skills will also be included in the curriculum. Graduates will gain an understanding of the different types of alcoholic beverages, as well as local, national, and international liquor laws.

Culinary Technology Certificate

This certification program teaches students on the history of cooking, as well as how to use different types of kitchen equipment such as ovens, stoves, and freezers. Graduates will also learn about food science, cooking methods, and temperature controls.

Catering Certificate

This certification program is ideal for students hoping to own or run their own catering business. Graduates will learn about dining room service, nutrition, and sanitation, as well as how to prepare food for various types of events.

Accelerated Wine and Beverage Certificate

Graduates who have completed a food and beverage management degree may find this certification program helpful for their future culinary career. Students of this program study the different flavours and origins of alcohol, as well as cellar management and how to pair wine with food.

Wine Professional Certificate

This program isn’t just about the wines of the world, students will also learn how to create wine using different types of techniques and equipment. Students will be educated on the different types of soil used to produce grapes, and some marketing and menu planning may also be included in the curriculum.

Certified Culinarian Certificate

This certificate program is a great option for students looking for a basic education in the culinary arts. Students will be taught how to prepare cold food, meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables, along with different types of sauces and soups.

Sous Chef Certificate

Students of this program will study various food preparation techniques, while learning about safety, sanitation, and nutrition. Some math may also be included in the curriculum, as well as how to prepare different meats, sauces, and vegetables. Students will also learn supervising and management skills.

Executive Chef Certificate

This program educates students on budget preparation, payroll and food costs, as well as how to train and supervise kitchen staff. Students will be required to design menus and create dishes using various food preparation techniques.

Chef De Cuisine Certificate

The curriculum for this certification program focuses on how to create menus and recipes, as well as how to effectively supervise and manage kitchen staff. Food preparation and budgeting may also be included.

Master Chef Certificate

Students of this program will become “masters” at measuring ingredients, presenting and preparing plates of food, and using different types of kitchen equipment. Students will learn various skills needed in order to prepare menus, buffets, pastries, and international cuisines.

Personal Chef Certificate

The Personal Chef Certificate program teaches students how to properly prepare, cook, serve, and store different types of food. Various cutting techniques and instructions on how to use the different types of kitchen equipment may also be included in the curriculum.

Personal Executive Chef Certificate

This certification program is very similar to the Personal Chef Certificate program, except that there is more of a focus on management, menu planning, and marketing. Usually applicants of this program have previous work experience supervising other members of staff.

Pastry Culinarian Certificate

After completing this program, graduates will learn how to prepare cookies, tarts, pies, frozen desserts, cakes, breads, and rolls. Students will also learn about ingredients, measurements, temperatures, and food presentation.

Executive Pastry Chef Certificate

This curriculum has more of a focus on management and food production, so graduates will be able to supervise staff in a baking or pastry business. Students will not only understand how to cook and prepare different types of desserts, they will also learn the basics of nutrition and sanitation.

Master Pastry Chef Certificate

Graduates of this program will learn about temperature controls and kitchen equipment, as well as how to create all types of desserts and pastries. Graduates will also learn about international cuisines, and may learn how to prepare menus and create nutritional menu items.

Culinary Administrator Certificate

A culinary administrator is essentially an executive chef who has various administrative responsibilities. Students of this program will learn about management, payroll, marketing, business planning, and human resources.

Culinary Educator Certificate

This certification program is designed for those who want to teach at culinary institutions, facilities, schools, or universities. Students will learn how to properly test and evaluate culinary students, along with how to prepare lesson plans. Applicants should have experience working in a kitchen.

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