Picking the Right Pastry Chef Education Program

Pursuing a career in the pastry arts requires a lot of hands-on training. Because of this, there are an endless number of educational opportunities for all future pastry chefs. Pastry arts programs are available at a variety of different culinary institutions, trade and technical schools, community colleges, and universities.


It is extremely important for all future pastry chefs to have some kind of prior work experience. In order to learn all the tools of the trade, a pastry chef must receive a proper education, or work alongside an experienced professional. They should also have hands-on experience while working with different tools and equipment, and should have an extensive knowledge of temperatures, recipes, and ingredients.


Pastry arts programs focus on how to create and mix different types of ingredients, as well as how to properly style and present various types of food. Students will learn how to use appropriate temperatures, and will understand the basics of nutrition, safety and sanitation. Besides learning how to prepare various types of cakes, pastries, muffins, cookies, tarts, breads, and frozen desserts, students will also learn how to work with chocolate, sugar, yeast, sauces, filings, and icings.

Strawberry Pie.



If you’re hoping to learn more about the pastry arts, attending a course could be a fun-filled experience. Some courses may focus on creating muffins, cookies, and cakes, while another course may focus on fillings, sauces, and decorations. Courses usually last for four to six hours, and the cost ranges from $100 to $500, depending on the institution. If you are interested in a getaway vacation, the Culinary Institute of America offers a five-day boot camp course focusing on the pastry arts.

Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate

A certificate in the pastry arts is the most common form of education for all pastry chefs. The program covers all of the basics in the quickest amount of time, and is cheaper than a diploma or degree program. Basic mathematics and management skills may also be included in the curriculum. Credits for this program could be used to support a higher-level of degree in the pastry arts.

Baking and Pastry Arts Diploma

A diploma is another cheap and easy option for students wanting to get a basic education in the pastry arts. At the Lincoln Culinary Institute, which has locations all over the United States, students can complete the diploma program within 60 to 90 weeks. They can also choose between enrolling in a day or evening program so they can work around their own schedule.

International Baking and Pastry Arts Diploma

This program is very similar to the baking and pastry arts diploma, only it has more of a multicultural twist. Students will learn about the history of international cuisine, and may also learn how to critique food using their palette. After completing this program, graduates could find work for various resorts and international restaurants.

Pastry Arts Management Diploma

A management diploma in the pastry arts is one of the quickest options for students hoping to own or manage their own pastry business. Students will learn about payroll, budgeting, and marketing, as well as how to properly manage and train staff. Credits could be used to support a higher-level of degree in management.

Associate’s Degree in Pastry Arts

This type of degree is quite common in various culinary institutions and colleges, and generally takes two to three years to complete. It is cheaper than a bachelor’s degree program, but generally has a more complex curriculum than a diploma or certificate. Graduates will more than likely have to complete an externship at the end of the program.

Bachelor’s Degree in Pastry Arts

Students of this program will gain a much more extensive and well-rounded knowledge for their career in the pastry arts. It is a complex, four year program, and is one of the most expensive forms of education in the pastry arts. Students will learn various management skills, and liberal arts may also be included in the curriculum.

Bachelor’s Degree in Pastry Arts Management

This program is designed for students who want to open and run their own successful pastry business. A bachelor’s degree program generally takes four years to complete, but some institutions may offer a three-year program. The curriculum covers international cuisine as well as liberal arts and management, and will have a specific focus on human resources, accounting, payroll, and budgeting.

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  1. Moriah Malorzo Says:

    What cuninary schools in the United States has the Bachelor’s Degree in Pastry arts and Bachelor’s Degree in Pastry Arts Management?

  2. lucia Says:

    Hi, I work for a travel agency, one of my clients wants a high pastry course I need the rates, if you have this kind of courses and if this are comissionable for travel agency, how can I book her? and all the information that I have to know. She’s a mom who wants study a pastry course. I hope you can help me

  3. Catherin Says:

    what is the best cooking school in Georgia?

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    please let me know the rates for a pastry chef educational programme an also from where can i get the best training programme

  5. Shawn Says:

    Hi im a high School student who want to be a pastry chef but im having a really hard time trying to find a school/ colledge in kentucky to go to could you please help

  6. kenneth mensah cromwell Says:

    I’m a Ghanaian expatriate in Lagos,Nigeria. I have been working as a Pastry Chef in different hotels for the past eight years with much experience without the required document towards my career;I don,t have “The International Baking & Pastry Arts Diploma”yet; can I obtain this Diploma in my comfort at home by registering for International correspondent Pastry course through your culinary school?-I have HND in catering and hotel management as my respect.

  7. Rebecka honea Says:

    Do they have online classes?

  8. anonomus Says:

    what is the best pastry school in Virginia?

  9. Angela Says:

    Hi i’m very interested in become a pastry chef but i’m having a really hard time find a school close and affordible enought in northern California. Any suggestions?

  10. Allison Says:

    me and my friend want to open up a bakery but we just started 9th grade and want to look towards the future to make sure we can make this happen so my question is do you know what we have to do throughout high school to get accepted into a school like this?

  11. Allison Says:

    so i just read that a bahelor degree is what i should take for being the manager but what if one of us bakes it and the other decorates???

  12. Roman Green Says:

    How to know more about program for pastry chef

  13. Sam jackson Says:

    I want to be a pastry chef and i readed everything and it all seem clear but the thing is that when you get in you always get pair with a pairer and what if your pairer not smart like me and i want to in in this school

    what kind of supplies you would need for the school year or class… And do they have rooms, in do we have to share because i live with some one who was my last roommate tried to kill me to u know i have trust issues and such like that is there any way you can give me my own room.. Because if i go to this school my roommate better be good or something bad might happen KML am just playing about the killing my roomate but the other part real tho. So is there any chance thats pobley

  14. Fariba Says:

    Hi, We are opening a bakery and would like to hire a pastry chef from your academy. We are open for internship too.

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