Selecting a Vegetarian Culinary Education Program

To remain current, chefs need to meet the specific needs of their clientele. Vegetarians represent a growing population and represent a unique cooking style. Fortunately, some culinary schools offer relatively short course designed to meet the vegetarian lifestyle. Vegetarian-style restaurants that meet the specific culinary tastes of this population also afford employment opportunities to those educated in the specialty.

Defining a Vegetarian

Fundamentalist vegetarians refrain from eating any meat product, to include fish and poultry, eggs and dairy products. Their motivations run from health, religion, concern for animals, and concerns for the environment. Within the broad vegetarian title, several variations exist. Ovo vegetarians eat eggs but refrain from any dairy-based products; lacto vegetarians eat dairy products but refrain from eggs; lacto ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs but refrain from meat, fish or poultry.

Preparing Vegetables.

Looking for the Right School

There is a difference in approach between vegetarian and vegan schools. Although some schools do offer programs for both, if you want a vegetarian school, look for that specific discipline. As with any school, check out the instructors’ credentials and experience and the quality of their cooking facilities.

Cooking Schools

The Natural Gourmet Institute
48 West 21st Street 2nd flood
New York, New York 10010
Plant-based curriculum, also optional sea food and organic chicken and eggs, 619 hours, certificate
ACCET Accredited

The School of Natural Cookery
P.O. Box 19466
Boulder, CO 80308
Foundation course, 16 weeks, diploma
Personal chef, 4 week, certificate
Teacher training, 11 week, certificate

The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts
4709 Sagebrush Trail
Austin, TX 78745
800 hour course, certificate

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute
301-B North Main Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
gourmet chef training series, certificate
associate chef training series, certificate

the Natural Kitchen Cooking School
P.O. Box 373
Princeton, NJ 08542
Natural chef training program, 8 months or weekend classes, certificate

Organic Tuscany Cooking School
Pino, 50052
Certaldo (Fl),
347 417 5907
Week-long, live-in course, four suited to vegetarians

Blue Elephant Bangkok
233 South Sathorn Road
Kwaeng Yannawa
Khet Sathorn
Bangkok 10120
66 2 673 9353
One through seven day courses, certificate

The Blooming Cactus
23 Juan de Bethancourt
San Bartolome
Lanzarote 35550
Canary Islands
34 608 293 873
Five day course with vacation, vegetarian and vegan available

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  1. Sandy Manning Says:

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    I am current serving active duty military but get out soon. I have string interesting culinary as a profession. Do you accept G.I. Bill? Can you please send information about your program.

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    Do you know about any vegan cooking school in Chicago? Please name them 🙂

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    Looking for a vegetarian School in Chicagoland. Can you recommend?

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    Can i gt the list of vegetarian culinary arts courses in all around the world ?

  6. Geeta Says:

    I will soon be retiring and my hobby for cooking needs to flourish! I have been a vegetarian all my life.I live in LA and would like to go to culinary school for short time to experience and decide if I would pursue that longer.
    I would like to go nearby and if I like it would like to embark on a more global bases.

  7. Honey Shanklesha Says:

    Can i get the list of vegetarian culinary arts courses in all around the world ???

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